Spring Patterns

If you are looking to think outside the box with your wardrobe this is definitely a style for you! There are many different prints that are in this spring season. Some of them are floral, stripes, lace, and Aztec/tribal. Are you in love with one of these patterned items but don’t know what to pair it with? You don’t always have to pair your pattern with a solid, that’s the easy way to go, you can also pair it with an opposing print! Here are some different ideas on what to pair your favorite new print with.

Floral- Of course this looks great with just about anything. Solids will always work if you are looking to have your floral stand out. If you are looking to mix it up a bit you can also pair your floral with stripes. I know it sounds odd, but trust me once you have it on you will look great! It’s definitely a trend setter style.

Stripes- As previously mentioned this works really well with floral prints. This also works really well if you are to compliment it with apposing stripes, such as stripes that change directions and colors. Feel free to try new things with this trend as solids are less in play this season.

Pattern It Up!

It’s easy to fall in the love with the simplicity of a wardrobe filled with solid colored items. They’re easy to mix and match and can be very chic! If you want to spice things up a bit this season though, try some of our favorite patterns! Sometimes adding a few offsetting designs brings out the best in an outfit. And don’t be afraid to pair up a couple of pattern styles in the same look!

Chevron – This zig zag pattern is everywhere! From tops to scarves to skirts, you can’t go wrong adding a little of this pattern to your wardrobe.

Tribal – The bright colors found in tribal patterns are definitely not just a summer theme. Try a flowy top or bodycon skirt in this design and you’ll be sure to impress!

Animal Print – Leopard and zebra patterns are totally in style right now! Adding even the smallest accessory in any animal print (scarf, necklace, shoes, purse), will give you the perfect amount of pop!

Stripes – Especially thicker horizontal stripes, are a must-have this season. Layered under blazers or leather jackets, striped shirts are a great versatile choice for your closet.

Sequin – Adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe is never the wrong answer! Dress up any casual outfit with a sequin skirt, tank, or scarf for a night out!

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