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DIY Braided Headband


So we all love a little DIY right? Are you looking for something to do on those rainy summer days? Well I have the solution for you! One popular hair trend right now is the headband and head wraps. These can tend to get a little pricy in the stores, so why not just make your own? I’m not too crafty myself, but these look easy enough for anyone! Here are some simple steps to make your own head wrap.

Here is what you will need for a simple braided head band:

*3 different types of ribbon, leather, or stringed beads.

*Hair tie


1. Take the end of each of your ribbons (or whatever you plan to use) and tie it to your hair tie.

2. From here all you have to do is begin braiding.

3. When you have reached a length you believe to be long enough wrap it around your head to measure how long you would like your headband to be.

4. After you have made the braid to your desired length take the ends and tie them to the opposite side of your head band.

And there you have it!

This is a great simple way to make a head band to the size and style of your preference! I love that the possibilities are endless! This is also a great to add to your everyday pony tail to spruce up your look and stay in style! Have a happy summer DIY!

The Half-Tuck Trend

What’s the half-tuck? It’s not a new dance move, so all you non-graceful readers out there can relax. It’s one of the hottest fashion techniques right now, and it’s super simple! If you’re diggin’ the casual and sloppy look that’s popular this season, you need to implement this trick into your style. Here’s how it’s done:

-Throw on any oversized shirt and your favorite pair of bottoms. It’s best if you go up a size or two when purchasing the shirt.

-Take the middle part of the bottom of the shirt, and tuck it in!

-Let the loose sides of the shirt fall out for that thrown together look.

-The less “square” the tuck is, the better!

*Variation: For button down blouses or chambray-type shirts, you can also tuck in just one flap into your bottoms.

The half-tuck is great because it’s so versatile! The tuck works with skinny jeans, boyfriend fit jeans, mini skirts, shorts, or leggings. It’s also a really easy option that’s perfect for you on-the-go gals OR guys. That’s right men, this trend is for you too!

So next time you find yourself looking for a little change-up to your style, try the tuck!

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