summer 2013 trends

The Half-Tuck Trend

What’s the half-tuck? It’s not a new dance move, so all you non-graceful readers out there can relax. It’s one of the hottest fashion techniques right now, and it’s super simple! If you’re diggin’ the casual and sloppy look that’s popular this season, you need to implement this trick into your style. Here’s how it’s done:

-Throw on any oversized shirt and your favorite pair of bottoms. It’s best if you go up a size or two when purchasing the shirt.

-Take the middle part of the bottom of the shirt, and tuck it in!

-Let the loose sides of the shirt fall out for that thrown together look.

-The less “square” the tuck is, the better!

*Variation: For button down blouses or chambray-type shirts, you can also tuck in just one flap into your bottoms.

The half-tuck is great because it’s so versatile! The tuck works with skinny jeans, boyfriend fit jeans, mini skirts, shorts, or leggings. It’s also a really easy option that’s perfect for you on-the-go gals OR guys. That’s right men, this trend is for you too!

So next time you find yourself looking for a little change-up to your style, try the tuck!

Bandeau Fever!

In case you haven’t heard of one of the hottest trends for this summer, we’ll let you in on the secret! Bandeaus are currently all the rage for those hot summer days and are super versatile! Whether you’re lounging around the backyard or getting ready to go see the fireworks this summer, a bandeau will help make your outfit the hottest it can be!  There are many different varieties of bandeaus and many ways that they can be worn. Be sure to follow our tips in order to keep you cool and looking absolutely adorable this summer!

-Brighten up any of your plain, neutral tanks with a pop of color by placing a neon colored bandeau underneath and pairing them with a pair of high waisted shorts for the ultimate summer 2013 trendy look.

-Pair a lace bandeau under a sheer blouse for a subtle yet sexy look.

-Wear under those backless tops and dresses to add an extra “wow” factor.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to stay in style! As always, be sure to check our blog often for more tips to staying trendy! And don’t forget to check out your local Cherry Pickers for all your bandeau needs!

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