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Home for the Holidays

We all know holidays are about spending quality time with family and friends, while eating great food and laughing around an open fire. Well this year, the only things on my mind are boots, bold oversized sweaters, and any type of hat you can think of. Did I mention boots?

Hats: Knit is it! Like the picture, anything that gives you the “I don’t care” look, but still has you looking amazing is right on! I’m also all for the fedora! That cool, mob style look screams confidence!

Sweaters: You know those “Ugly Sweater” parties we all are invited to during the holidays? Well those sweaters are the new trend! Wear one of those and people will smile, maybe make a sarcastic comment, but be wearing one the next time you see them! One size too big means extra comfy! Who wouldn’t want that?

Skinnys: Okay, so they’ve been around for a while now, but if you’re not on this train, hop on! Those oversized sweaters I was talking about, well pair them with your favorite skinnys and you’ve got one cute outfit! Worried about what shoes to wear with them? Flats, heels, boots, and wedges all look great!

Frugal Fall Fashion Tricks

Everyone knows that following the most current trends can be expensive. Cherry Pickers is a great place to find those hot looks for much less! We’re also here to give you a few tricks to keep more cash in your pocket. If you’re a creative, do-it-yourself type of person, you’ll love these clever tips:

-Has your favorite pair of heels seen better days? Give them a shoe makeover! With a little bit of glue and some glitter, you can spruce up the tops, bottoms, or just the heels of those kicks you thought were toast!

-Do you hate when your socks get all bunched up in your boots? Try cutting off the sleeves of an old sweater to use as a sock look-alike! The new trend is for socks or leg warmers to show above the boot, but buying multiple pair can add up! Using old sweaters is not only inexpensive, but original and unique! It will surely get you a compliment from your friends!

-If you have difficulty making your non-skinny jeans fit nicely into those tall boots, try this trick. Fold up the bottom of your jeans about two or three inches (like you would if you were making them capris). Then wrap them tightly around your calf and pull up your sock (or sweater sock)!

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