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Boot Crazy


I love my boots! There are so many different styles you can come up with simply by pairing your outfits with boots. No one can ever have enough shoes, let alone boots! Do you have your new fall styles yet? If not here are some tips to finding the perfect pair this season.

Over the knee boots- This style is hot on the runway! It looks great with leggings and an oversized sweater.

Combat boots- They are making a comeback! These look edgy when paired with your favorite skinny jeans and natural colored tops. Camouflage is a great current style to rock with your combat boots.

Ankle boots- Like we have talked about before these go great with skinny jeans or your dresses for the complete fall look. Most of these styles are found with different types of embellishments.

Cowboy boots- Go a little country this fall! Who doesn’t love a country girl? I would have to say this is by far my favorite style. I love pairing mine with country styled dresses. It’s a fun look that certainly matches the season.

Embellished boots- Studs, rhinestones, and chains are popular on boots this year. They add a little different class to your look. Your embellished boots can give you a chic look for a date night, or a rocker look great for a night on the town!

Frugal Fall Fashion Tricks

Everyone knows that following the most current trends can be expensive. Cherry Pickers is a great place to find those hot looks for much less! We’re also here to give you a few tricks to keep more cash in your pocket. If you’re a creative, do-it-yourself type of person, you’ll love these clever tips:

-Has your favorite pair of heels seen better days? Give them a shoe makeover! With a little bit of glue and some glitter, you can spruce up the tops, bottoms, or just the heels of those kicks you thought were toast!

-Do you hate when your socks get all bunched up in your boots? Try cutting off the sleeves of an old sweater to use as a sock look-alike! The new trend is for socks or leg warmers to show above the boot, but buying multiple pair can add up! Using old sweaters is not only inexpensive, but original and unique! It will surely get you a compliment from your friends!

-If you have difficulty making your non-skinny jeans fit nicely into those tall boots, try this trick. Fold up the bottom of your jeans about two or three inches (like you would if you were making them capris). Then wrap them tightly around your calf and pull up your sock (or sweater sock)!

Fall Fashion Trend - Leggings

Black Leggings - Great Fall Fashion TrendLeggings might be my favorite thing in the entire world! Ok, that’s not true. Sushi is my favorite thing in the entire world. But leggings are a close second! And what's truly great is what a versatile and trendy fashion item they are this fall. Here are a few reasons why you should love them too!

- First and foremost, leggings are comfy! Let’s face it, we all have days we really just don't want to squeeze into those tight skinny jeans. Leggings are an awesome alternative (and they don't look as sloppy as sweatpants!).

- You can wear them with almost anything!
Throw on an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of running shoes and you're set for a relaxing weekend afternoon, or layer a couple of bright camis with a cardigan and leather riding boots and you're ready for a night out on the town. How easy is that?!

- Leggings come in all colors and patterns, so it's simple to show off your personality!
Basic black is always a good option to have in your closet, but don't be afraid to try a bright neon color or floral print for some extra pizzazz.

- Leggings don’t break the bank!
You can find them at Cherry Pickers for $3-$6, so even if you're new to this trending look, it's affordable to try them out!

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