DIY Braided Headband


So we all love a little DIY right? Are you looking for something to do on those rainy summer days? Well I have the solution for you! One popular hair trend right now is the headband and head wraps. These can tend to get a little pricy in the stores, so why not just make your own? I’m not too crafty myself, but these look easy enough for anyone! Here are some simple steps to make your own head wrap.

Here is what you will need for a simple braided head band:

*3 different types of ribbon, leather, or stringed beads.

*Hair tie


1. Take the end of each of your ribbons (or whatever you plan to use) and tie it to your hair tie.

2. From here all you have to do is begin braiding.

3. When you have reached a length you believe to be long enough wrap it around your head to measure how long you would like your headband to be.

4. After you have made the braid to your desired length take the ends and tie them to the opposite side of your head band.

And there you have it!

This is a great simple way to make a head band to the size and style of your preference! I love that the possibilities are endless! This is also a great to add to your everyday pony tail to spruce up your look and stay in style! Have a happy summer DIY!

DIY Accessory Storage


So we have talked about how to organize your closet, but what about all of you accessories? Do you have you accessories scattered all over your home and can never find it when you want to wear it? I know I have a large jewelry box, but that still doesn’t do the trick. I leave my accessories everywhere and most of the time things end up getting lost. Time to think outside the box again and get creative. Here are some ways to store you accessories that will be a great way to stay organized!

Hair Ties/Bobby Pins- I can’t seem to keep my in the same place, thus I have to purchase new ones once a month! These awesome ideas will defiantly help with that problem.

* If you are looking for easy storage for your hair ties, this will be a great solution for you! All you have to do it purchase a carabineer and put all of your hair ties through it! It’s that easy!  

*A simple towel rack and mason jars will jazz up your storage or accessories. All you have to do is hang a towel rack and then hang mason jars from it! It looks super cute and works really well for bobby pins, barrettes, and any other small items you seem to lose.

DIY Leg Warmers


Who wishes it was 80 outside and sunny? I sure do! I hate being cold, but one of my favorite things is being able to layer. When you are out of the house my theory is that you can always take layers off if you get warm but you can’t put them on. One trend I keep seeing are all the super cute boot socks and leg warmers. Every time I go to shop for some to go with my new outfit I can’t find any. Many stores ran low this winter due to the high demand of them. I was determined to find the perfect pair; my outfit wouldn’t look right if I didn’t have any. My outfit is a oversized tank top with a knit cardigan and leggings. Accessories are a must so I have added an eternity scarf and leg warmers to wear with my riding boots. How do the leg warmers not complete this outfit right? This got me thinking why not make my own? This way I get to choose the color and design I like best. I am not super crafty nor am I able to make anything and have it turn out like the picture. Making leg warmers was much easier than I thought it would be! Here are the steps to make your own leg warmers in less than one minute.

*All you need is an old sweater and fabric scissors.

*Hold one sleeve out nice and straight.

*Cut from under the arm area to the top of the sleeve.

*Do the same to the other side and that’s all there is to it!

DIY Closet Organization

We could all used a little more space in our closet right? Let’s face it; our significant other probably doesn’t even have anywhere to put anything in there because you have taken it over with all of your items. I even have a walk-in closet and still think I could use more room. Do you get lazy when you have to do your laundry then have to find the time to hang everything and carefully put it away so you remember where it is? I know I don’t, I hate laundry. There are many different ways to organize your closet to make finding things a little easier. I mean if you have to wake up early for work in the morning wouldn’t it be easier if you could find your outfit you want to wear in less than five minutes? Couldn’t you go without the stress of not being able to find the one last item you need to pull your whole outfit together? Well let’s get crafty and put our thinking caps on for a little DIY closet organization.

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