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Sweet Scene - Pastels for Spring 2013

Although there’s probably at least a few months of winter left, we bet you’re all pining for something springy to wearIf you’ve been paying attention to fashion trends, you’ve probably noticed the spectrum of ice cream colored shades popping up everywhere for men and women.  Here are few tips on how to wear this trend without looking too sweet.

-Play with fabrics and textures.  Mix flowy pieces with more structured fabrics like leather, denim and menswear-ish tweed.  Combining fabrics and textures will give your look dimension and make it less saccharine.

-Ground your look.  To keep this trend from looking too Tinker Bell, pair prim pastels with cool neutrals and metallics. You can also layer very soft shades with more saturated tones to give your outfit more depth.

-Give it some edge.  Take good-girl colors and combine them with bad-girl accents like studs, zippers, heavy lace and buckles.

-Accessorize.  We know pastels aren’t for everyone, but a little sugar never hurts, and there are small ways you can make this trend work for you.  Try adding a few soft colored accessories to your wardrobe or experimenting with pastel make up and nail polish. 

Closet Organizing Tips

Is your closet overflowing? Do you have a hard time finding that one article of clothing you know will make your outfit perfect? Maybe you simply want to re-organize to make getting dressed in the morning easier and faster. If you said yes to any of these questions, here are a few tips to creating the perfect closet!

-Empty it all out! Pull everything out of your closet to get a good look at what’s in there. Fold or lay everything out on your bed or floor.

-Get rid of any items you don’t need or don’t wear anymore. It’s tough, I know. But those items that are in style and were purchased in the last year and a half or less you can sell to any Cherry Pickers location for cash! Any other items can be donated or stored elsewhere (another closet or under the bed perhaps).

-Clean the inside of the closet. Seriously, when is the last time you did it? Vacuum the floor, dust the inside, you know the drill.

DIY Studs!

Are you someone that loves to follow trends, but are looking for an inexpensive way to do it? Of course you are! One of the biggest looks this winter is studs; on boots, jackets, shirts, jeans, purses, bracelets, you get the idea! Instead of going out and purchasing a brand new studded item, try doing it yourself! 

There are several ways studs can be applied to your articles of clothing. Some studs have sharp points on the back that can be poked through the item and then folded over on the other side. Other studs can be ironed or glued on. No matter which you choose, it's simple to make your fashion piece a masterpiece!

Not sure where to put the studs?

-Spruce up an old pair of boots with studs!

-Outline the collars or pockets of a denim jacket!

-Stud the shoulders of a shirt!

-Jazz up your accessories by placing a few on a purse or leather bracelet!

-Try studding one or both pockets of a pair of jeans!

The Perfect Winter Accessory - Scarves!

Infinity Scarf Winter TrendWe’ve all been there. We spend what seems like forever deciding on that perfect outfit, but it always seems to be missing something. The next time this happens to you, try adding a scarf! Scarves are our favorite fashion item this winter, and here are a few reasons why!

-If you’re one to show off your creativity through fashion, you already know that adding the right scarf can bring out the best in your look! Scarves come in a wide variety of styles, from solid colors to prints, or in any array of fabric, from sheer to thick cable knit. The most popular style this season is the chunky infinity scarf!

-Scarves are an inexpensive way to jazz up any type of outfit! For only $6-$12 at Cherry Pickers, a scarf can drastically improve an old outfit in your wardrobe that you never thought had a chance again, or can make that casual style look a little dressier! You can also make them yourself at home out of old tees! It doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

-Versatility might be the best characteristic of scarves! They can be tied in numerous creative ways around the neck! However, they can also be used as a hair wrap, as a belt around the waist, or tied around the strap of a purse to add some color!

Winter Trends for Men

Mens Winter FashionMen’s fashion tends to be put on the backburner for many customers and retailers alike, but don’t worry! Cherry Pickers hasn’t forgotten about you men! If you’re a fashion-forward guy trying to look great this winter, or a gal with a man in your life that you’d like to “help” dress (you know who you are), check out these tips for the winter season:

-Accessories definitely aren’t just for women these days. To jazz up your outfit, try adding a bracelet or necklace made of leather, beads, or macramé! Big and bold watches can also make a statement. If you’re a hat guy, beanies and cadet style caps are trending this winter.

-Layering is not only a great idea for temperature control, but also for style! Colorful graphic tees under a zip up hoodie are comfy and casual. For a slightly more sophisticated look, try throwing a solid color sweater over a plaid button down long sleeve.

-Denim is great for all occasions. Lighter washes with manufactured holes are great for every day wear, while darker styles with light colored stitching are perfect for dressing up a bit or a night out!

Home for the Holidays

We all know holidays are about spending quality time with family and friends, while eating great food and laughing around an open fire. Well this year, the only things on my mind are boots, bold oversized sweaters, and any type of hat you can think of. Did I mention boots?

Hats: Knit is it! Like the picture, anything that gives you the “I don’t care” look, but still has you looking amazing is right on! I’m also all for the fedora! That cool, mob style look screams confidence!

Sweaters: You know those “Ugly Sweater” parties we all are invited to during the holidays? Well those sweaters are the new trend! Wear one of those and people will smile, maybe make a sarcastic comment, but be wearing one the next time you see them! One size too big means extra comfy! Who wouldn’t want that?

Skinnys: Okay, so they’ve been around for a while now, but if you’re not on this train, hop on! Those oversized sweaters I was talking about, well pair them with your favorite skinnys and you’ve got one cute outfit! Worried about what shoes to wear with them? Flats, heels, boots, and wedges all look great!

Frugal Fall Fashion Tricks

Everyone knows that following the most current trends can be expensive. Cherry Pickers is a great place to find those hot looks for much less! We’re also here to give you a few tricks to keep more cash in your pocket. If you’re a creative, do-it-yourself type of person, you’ll love these clever tips:

-Has your favorite pair of heels seen better days? Give them a shoe makeover! With a little bit of glue and some glitter, you can spruce up the tops, bottoms, or just the heels of those kicks you thought were toast!

-Do you hate when your socks get all bunched up in your boots? Try cutting off the sleeves of an old sweater to use as a sock look-alike! The new trend is for socks or leg warmers to show above the boot, but buying multiple pair can add up! Using old sweaters is not only inexpensive, but original and unique! It will surely get you a compliment from your friends!

-If you have difficulty making your non-skinny jeans fit nicely into those tall boots, try this trick. Fold up the bottom of your jeans about two or three inches (like you would if you were making them capris). Then wrap them tightly around your calf and pull up your sock (or sweater sock)!

Fall Fashion Trend - Leggings

Black Leggings - Great Fall Fashion TrendLeggings might be my favorite thing in the entire world! Ok, that’s not true. Sushi is my favorite thing in the entire world. But leggings are a close second! And what's truly great is what a versatile and trendy fashion item they are this fall. Here are a few reasons why you should love them too!

- First and foremost, leggings are comfy! Let’s face it, we all have days we really just don't want to squeeze into those tight skinny jeans. Leggings are an awesome alternative (and they don't look as sloppy as sweatpants!).

- You can wear them with almost anything!
Throw on an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of running shoes and you're set for a relaxing weekend afternoon, or layer a couple of bright camis with a cardigan and leather riding boots and you're ready for a night out on the town. How easy is that?!

- Leggings come in all colors and patterns, so it's simple to show off your personality!
Basic black is always a good option to have in your closet, but don't be afraid to try a bright neon color or floral print for some extra pizzazz.

- Leggings don’t break the bank!
You can find them at Cherry Pickers for $3-$6, so even if you're new to this trending look, it's affordable to try them out!


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