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Handbag Obsession

It’s easy to fall in love with a new handbag, right? There are many different styles and patters to change up your wardrobe, or even add to your personal style. If you are looking to keep your handbags in style this season here are some of the trends for this fall. 

Leopard Print Bags- Yes the animal print is still in. A leopard print bag will bring some of the wild into your style without going over the top.

Black and Blue- The simplicity of a solid color is something that is essential to every wardrobe. These pieces can be used to pair up a lot of different outfits. Use your printed tops or dresses with this style for a chic look.

Camouflage- Yes I am talking hunter colors. Believe it or not this style is hot this season in not only handbags but color patterns as well.

Metal Embellishments- We are starting to see a lot more handbags with metal buckles, chain shoulder straps, and studs. If you haven’t added any of this to your wardrobe jump on board! This style is fun and adds a new look to your outfit.

Denim Fever

What is it about our favorite denim that we love so much? What do you look for when you are looking for a new pair of jeans? Is it the color, name brand, studs or stitching? There is a variety of things that we all look for when shopping for that perfect pair of jeans. Here are a few things to look for this season when shopping for the trendiest jeans.

Sandblast- This is a process where before the jeans are washed they are literally shot with guns of sand in order to make them look as if they have been worn.

Abrasion- In this process they wash the garments to try to make it look worn or faded by scraping or rubbing the surface with the fabric. Pumice stones are frequently used in this process.

Rivets/Studs- These are usually found on the pockets of trendy jeans. They are the small jewels used to make designs that really stand out.

Heavy Stitching- This is also usually found on the back pockets. This is different from normal stitching to create a heavier design. It is also used along the front part of the jeans to reinforce them.


Back-To-School Trends


Starting to think about back-to-school shopping? There is no need to panic when it comes to shopping for a new wardrobe. We have all this seasons trends to keep you looking great! As we all know dresses are a popular trend this year. Do you know what style dress is one of the top rated this season? High low dresses! They can be found just about anywhere and are extremely trendy. High low dresses and ankle boots will keep you up to date and fashion chic. This style will get those heads turning when you walk down the hall to your next class.

High Low Dresses- This fantastic style will stand out from all the other dresses. This style turns a simple dress into something with more dimensions. Most of these dresses are made with chiffon material sure to compliment any body type. Pair your high low dress with ankle boots and you have a style set to impress.

 Ankle Boots- If you don’t have any of these yet, be sure to check them out! They are perfect for this time of year and look great with just about anything! Pair them with your favorite shorts, skirt or dress. The hot new trend with these boots is studs, belts and sequins. They will add to your personal style and give you a whole new look.


DIY Bridal Brooch Bouquets

Wedding season is upon us, and if you’re a crafty bride looking to add a little more dazzle to your special day, why not try a brooch bouquet?  Unfortunately this nontraditional wedding arrangement can be very expensive—most of the bouquets we found on-line start at about $350 and up—but you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. Here are few tips on how to get started:

-Visit your local Cherry Pickers.  We have new and resale jewelry in our stores at very reasonable prices.  You may find a one-of-a-kind brooch that truly captures your personality or is the perfect match for your wedding colors.

-Look for more than brooches.  Although they’re usually called brooch bouquets, they’re called bauble bouquets as well, and for good reason!  You don’t need to stop with brooches.  As long as you can disassemble them to fit your arrangement, you can use all types of jewelry for your bouquet.

 -Use heirlooms.  To make your bouquet truly special, and perhaps honor the memory of a loved one, ask family members if they have any jewelry you can use for your arrangement.

The Half-Tuck Trend

What’s the half-tuck? It’s not a new dance move, so all you non-graceful readers out there can relax. It’s one of the hottest fashion techniques right now, and it’s super simple! If you’re diggin’ the casual and sloppy look that’s popular this season, you need to implement this trick into your style. Here’s how it’s done:

-Throw on any oversized shirt and your favorite pair of bottoms. It’s best if you go up a size or two when purchasing the shirt.

-Take the middle part of the bottom of the shirt, and tuck it in!

-Let the loose sides of the shirt fall out for that thrown together look.

-The less “square” the tuck is, the better!

*Variation: For button down blouses or chambray-type shirts, you can also tuck in just one flap into your bottoms.

The half-tuck is great because it’s so versatile! The tuck works with skinny jeans, boyfriend fit jeans, mini skirts, shorts, or leggings. It’s also a really easy option that’s perfect for you on-the-go gals OR guys. That’s right men, this trend is for you too!

So next time you find yourself looking for a little change-up to your style, try the tuck!

Bandeau Fever!

In case you haven’t heard of one of the hottest trends for this summer, we’ll let you in on the secret! Bandeaus are currently all the rage for those hot summer days and are super versatile! Whether you’re lounging around the backyard or getting ready to go see the fireworks this summer, a bandeau will help make your outfit the hottest it can be!  There are many different varieties of bandeaus and many ways that they can be worn. Be sure to follow our tips in order to keep you cool and looking absolutely adorable this summer!

-Brighten up any of your plain, neutral tanks with a pop of color by placing a neon colored bandeau underneath and pairing them with a pair of high waisted shorts for the ultimate summer 2013 trendy look.

-Pair a lace bandeau under a sheer blouse for a subtle yet sexy look.

-Wear under those backless tops and dresses to add an extra “wow” factor.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to stay in style! As always, be sure to check our blog often for more tips to staying trendy! And don’t forget to check out your local Cherry Pickers for all your bandeau needs!

Wait, What? Denim Jackets are Back?

Yes, my friends, they are. And I swore I’d never wear them again, but I bought one today…and it’s kind of adorable. Funny how things change. If you thought denim jackets were lost in the ‘80s and never returning, think again. This trend is in every store and on every celeb right now, so it’s time you get on board.

If you need some help figuring out how to wear this beloved comeback piece, here are a few tips:

-Don’t get too matchy-matchy. Denim jackets with a different wash of denim jeans or shorts are ok, but definitely shy away from the same shade. It could make you look like you’ve been in hibernation since 1981.

-Try out different styles. Worn in and faded makes a great casual statement, while oversized or boyfriend fits pair well with the grungy look. My personal favorite, the snug cropped style, is perfect for covering up on those imminent summer nights.

-Jean jackets are super versatile. Match them with a maxi skirt, jeans and a tee, leggings and a tunic, or a flirty dress. You really can’t go wrong.

Dare To Be Creative: Accessory Edition

Do you ever see crafty and inventive accessories on other people and wish you knew how to get that look? Take a chance and be creative, we dare you! You’ll find that you don’t need to look any further than right in your own home. Here are a few examples of things you can try.

From headbands to bows - Everyone has those colorful/patterned sports headbands laying around. Look no further for an idea on how to turn them from sporty to casual. Tie it as you would any knot in a string and poke a bobby pin through the back to be used as a must have hair piece.

Revamping a necklace - Have a few necklaces that you like but don’t LOVE? Double it up, tie both ends to a cute ribbon and it’s a completely new item that your friends will absolutely adore.

I SPY - Look in the easy to find places for the most unique things. Maybe a hat that isn’t the cutest, but the bow/ribbon connected to it is?

Stuck on an outfit for these cute and creative accessories? Stop in at your local Cherry Pickers for the latest trends at the lowest prices! Get out the scissors and detach!   

Tips for the Tropical Traveler

Calling all Spring Breakers (or those who are seriously ready for warmer weather)! We bet many of you are planning a toasty get-away within the next few weeks (lucky ducks). Check out these latest trends to try out on your tropical vacation!

Sheer Tops – These light and breezy tops are perfect for hot climates. Go bold and throw a contrasting color under it to stand out. Bandeau tops work well under sheer shirts as well!

Bandeau Tops – Not your typical tank. And these bikini tops definitely aren’t just for the beach. They pair well under any sheer or crop top. Bandeaus are also a great way to stay cool while looking trendy!

Peekaboo Cutouts – Popular cutout designs can be found on a garment’s sides or upper chest area this season. This style is most common in swim suit designs right now. Peekaboo cutouts will definitely put a little edge into your wardrobe!

Open Back Designs – If you haven’t picked up on this trend yet, get on board! Lots of tops this season have this simple, but fun twist. Open back designs are an easy way to show off your flirty side!

Keep your look fresh this season by checking out your local Cherry Pickers for these hot new trends!

Pattern It Up!

It’s easy to fall in the love with the simplicity of a wardrobe filled with solid colored items. They’re easy to mix and match and can be very chic! If you want to spice things up a bit this season though, try some of our favorite patterns! Sometimes adding a few offsetting designs brings out the best in an outfit. And don’t be afraid to pair up a couple of pattern styles in the same look!

Chevron – This zig zag pattern is everywhere! From tops to scarves to skirts, you can’t go wrong adding a little of this pattern to your wardrobe.

Tribal – The bright colors found in tribal patterns are definitely not just a summer theme. Try a flowy top or bodycon skirt in this design and you’ll be sure to impress!

Animal Print – Leopard and zebra patterns are totally in style right now! Adding even the smallest accessory in any animal print (scarf, necklace, shoes, purse), will give you the perfect amount of pop!

Stripes – Especially thicker horizontal stripes, are a must-have this season. Layered under blazers or leather jackets, striped shirts are a great versatile choice for your closet.

Sequin – Adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe is never the wrong answer! Dress up any casual outfit with a sequin skirt, tank, or scarf for a night out!


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