Trendy Spring Pants


I am starting to think outside the box, meaning going out of my comfort zone to try something new this spring. There are a lot of great trends we have already talked about like maxi skirts and printed leggings, which I am completely obsessed with, but what about something completely different? Gauze pants are making their comeback as well as tapered pants. This is one trend I wasn’t sure I could jump on the band wagon with yet, but that was only because I had no clue how to wear this trend. You have to look at these items as a whole, best to get the whole outfit at one time. If you are anything like me, I always just get the one item such as the pants then never ware them because I don’t have anything at home to match them with. Here are some great starter ideas to get you into these awesome new styles!

Gauze Pants- One thing I have found with these is that they are amazing for beach ware! This flowey style pant works great as a beach cover up or just ware when you want to be comfortable. These pants also look great with a tucked in top and a denim coat over the top. Don’t be afraid to add any type of accessories to this look. Long necklaces and eternity scarves look great with this trend!

Tapered Pants- Most of these styles are high wasted, baggy in the legs, and then tight around the ankles. I have seen them come in an assortment of colors and prints this spring season. These can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your occasion. If you are to dress them up I would go with a solid color pants with a solid colored top tucked in. High wasted styles are really trendy with tucking in your shirt. To finish off your outfit put a small belt through the jeans. If you want to dress down the pants the printed style I think would be best. Many of this year’s prints are leaning towards the Aztec/Tribal as we have previously talked about.

So there you have it, why not give this a try when you are out shopping next. Still unsure about the trend? I would suggest one simple thing, just try them on, everything looks different on the hanger than when it’s actually on a person. If you need help changing up your style to something a little trendier come into Cherry Pickers! We would love to help you get into something new and affordable you are absolutely in love with!