Summer Shorts


We all love our summer shorts right? Are you aware that this year we are going back in time to bring back the high waisted shorts? It seems that just about every retailer this year has brought this trend back. Have you? I have to be honest I was a little leery about this one, only because I didn’t know how to rock this look. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Crop Top- This is a wonderful look that plays around with your waistline. This will also show off those great high wasted shorts! Don’t be afraid to play around with prints here as well.

Flowy Top-These tops look awesome tucked into your shorts! You could also go with something sheer and rock the bandeau! (Which is also popular this year)

Button up Top- These tie in with the sheer tops, but a shirt that buttons all the way up looks great with high waisted shorts. You can tuck it in, or even better, you can button it half way and tie it at the bottom. This will also help to show off those super trendy bottoms!

See once you have a little direction this look really is simple! Step outside your comfort zone this summer and try something new. These shorts also look great in the super trendy prints this year like zig-zag and Aztec! If you are looking for a deal and would like a little guidance on how to wear this bold style stop into your local Cherry Pickers! We would love to help you with your summer wardrobe!