Olympic Apparel

The winter Olympics are upon us with opening ceremonies in Sochi Friday. Have you been looking forward to the Winter Olympics? I sure have. Have you seen the new apparel our USA team will be wearing this year? Ralph Lauren was asked to be the designer for the second straight Winter Olympics. After much controversy, with the last Olympics in Vancouver having the clothing made in China, Ralph Lauren has put together a completely American made product. Let’s take a look and break down this opening ceremonies look our USA team will be wearing this year.  

  1. A knit patchwork handcrafted cardigan embellished with stars.
  2. The cardigan is paired with a cream cotton turtle neck.
  3. Slim-fitting white fleece athletic pants with the “Team USA” label.
  4. Black leather boots with red laces.
  5. A cotton accented belt with American graphics
  6. A raindeer hat

So what do you think about the look? I think Ralph Lauren did a great job making this look comfortable. This defiantly represents the USA colors and has a great spin incorporating the American Flag with the patchwork on the cardigan. This look Ralph Lauren put together is a heart stopping $1,573.00! To find some affordable USA inspired apparel stop into your local Cherry Pickers and support our team! I can’t wait to tune in tomorrow to watch the opening ceremonies!