Fold Down Combat Boots


I know we are all crazy about this boot trend, but have you seen the newest and latest style of boots? Fold down combat boots have become a new popular trend this spring. Some of them are printed on the inside which shows when you fold it down. I have found that it is kind of tricky trying to find a great outfit to match these super cute boots. Here are some great fashion tips on how to make a stylish outfit without having to worry about how to match the prints in the boots!

Leggings- This is a big one. They look great with just about any style! If you are going to go with a printed type of fold down combat boot I would go for a plain legging with a sheer or oversized top. The top can be printed also; don’t worry about having to match the boot print with the top print mixing and matching different prints is really in right now. My new favorite type of legging is the printed ones. Tribal is the common theme found in these prints which look amazing with combat boots! If you are picking out printed leggings I would defiantly go with a solid oversized top. You don’t want to be too print crazy, but don’t be afraid to throw in a printed scarf to go with those leggings!

Maxi Skirts/Maxi Dresses- I know this sounds odd to wear boots of this nature with skirts or dresses but trust me it looks great! Pair your maxi skirt or dress with these boots, a solid tank, and a denim or leather jacket. So trendy and not to mention comfortable!

Shorts- The weather may not be on your side yet to get into this trend, but when it does finally warm up defiantly give this a try! Any color of denim shorts and any type of solid or printed top will look awesome! The possibilities are truly endless with shorts and boots.

Trust me, adding boots of any sort to your wardrobe this season is a must. They not only work great in the winter months but it also gives you a trendy look in the spring and summer! There are so any ways to wear your new boots, that you are sure to get your money’s worth out of them. As you can tell I am a huge fan of this trend and just can’t get enough of it! If you are looking to dive into this new trend but aren’t sure you want to spend a lot stop into your local Cherry Pickers for the greatest deals!