DIY Accessory Storage


So we have talked about how to organize your closet, but what about all of you accessories? Do you have you accessories scattered all over your home and can never find it when you want to wear it? I know I have a large jewelry box, but that still doesn’t do the trick. I leave my accessories everywhere and most of the time things end up getting lost. Time to think outside the box again and get creative. Here are some ways to store you accessories that will be a great way to stay organized!

Hair Ties/Bobby Pins- I can’t seem to keep my in the same place, thus I have to purchase new ones once a month! These awesome ideas will defiantly help with that problem.

* If you are looking for easy storage for your hair ties, this will be a great solution for you! All you have to do it purchase a carabineer and put all of your hair ties through it! It’s that easy!  

*A simple towel rack and mason jars will jazz up your storage or accessories. All you have to do is hang a towel rack and then hang mason jars from it! It looks super cute and works really well for bobby pins, barrettes, and any other small items you seem to lose.

Jewelry- Let’s face it, we have all at one time or another left all or some of this laying around and it becomes lost. You can remember where you put it but there seems to be some sort of jewelry troll that takes it all away to some far away land where you will never be able to find it. Here are some fun tricks to keeping things straight and organized.

*Shower hooks on a towel bar work really well to keep your jewelry organized. You are able to see each item you have hanging and it is a time saver when looking for that one special item.

*Another cute idea is using a coat rack that you hang on the wall to display and organize your jewelry and accessories. This wonderful idea also keeps your items from getting all tangled together, because we all know how much of a pain that is!

These are just a few ideas on how to spruce up your accessory area all while staying organized. If you are looking to expand you accessory collection stop by your local Cherry Pickers for discounted prices you are sure to love!