Athletic Styles


We all know this is the time of year to get in shape and be outside, but the great thing is this style is so popular you don't have to be on your way to the gym just to wear it! One of the biggest new trends this year is the athletic wear look with super cute bold colored tennis shoes. Most of the big name brands have jumped on this band wagon such as Nike, Adidas, and even Under Armour! There are a lot of different prints and styles to choose from when you are going for the athletic look, but don’t worry too much about being super matchy. Let’s take a look at what this style entails.

Athletic Look: Bright and bold colors mixed with different patterns are making a statement this spring and summer. If you are to just look at a flier for any store in general you can see that these are standing out from all the rest. Under Armour, Nike, and North Face are the top sellers in this department, but a newer brand Lulumon is making a statement as well. Many smaller stores are also making this transition to carry such a high demand item; those store include American Eagle, Gap, and Aeropostal. Compression leggings and shorts, I would say, are the most comfortable and some of the top prints in them are Aztec/Tribal and Floral. These work great not only for the style but they help to wick away moisture when you are working out to help keep you cool.

This is an easy style to adapt too, and you don’t have to be going to the gym to be able to rock this look. I love this trend, it’s so comfortable! If you are looking for a steal of a deal in your athletic wear stop into your local Cherry Pickers and check out our assortment!