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Summer Shorts


We all love our summer shorts right? Are you aware that this year we are going back in time to bring back the high waisted shorts? It seems that just about every retailer this year has brought this trend back. Have you? I have to be honest I was a little leery about this one, only because I didn’t know how to rock this look. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Crop Top- This is a wonderful look that plays around with your waistline. This will also show off those great high wasted shorts! Don’t be afraid to play around with prints here as well.

Flowy Top-These tops look awesome tucked into your shorts! You could also go with something sheer and rock the bandeau! (Which is also popular this year)

Button up Top- These tie in with the sheer tops, but a shirt that buttons all the way up looks great with high waisted shorts. You can tuck it in, or even better, you can button it half way and tie it at the bottom. This will also help to show off those super trendy bottoms!

DIY Braided Headband


So we all love a little DIY right? Are you looking for something to do on those rainy summer days? Well I have the solution for you! One popular hair trend right now is the headband and head wraps. These can tend to get a little pricy in the stores, so why not just make your own? I’m not too crafty myself, but these look easy enough for anyone! Here are some simple steps to make your own head wrap.

Here is what you will need for a simple braided head band:

*3 different types of ribbon, leather, or stringed beads.

*Hair tie


1. Take the end of each of your ribbons (or whatever you plan to use) and tie it to your hair tie.

2. From here all you have to do is begin braiding.

3. When you have reached a length you believe to be long enough wrap it around your head to measure how long you would like your headband to be.

4. After you have made the braid to your desired length take the ends and tie them to the opposite side of your head band.

And there you have it!

This is a great simple way to make a head band to the size and style of your preference! I love that the possibilities are endless! This is also a great to add to your everyday pony tail to spruce up your look and stay in style! Have a happy summer DIY!

Athletic Styles


We all know this is the time of year to get in shape and be outside, but the great thing is this style is so popular you don't have to be on your way to the gym just to wear it! One of the biggest new trends this year is the athletic wear look with super cute bold colored tennis shoes. Most of the big name brands have jumped on this band wagon such as Nike, Adidas, and even Under Armour! There are a lot of different prints and styles to choose from when you are going for the athletic look, but don’t worry too much about being super matchy. Let’s take a look at what this style entails.

Athletic Look: Bright and bold colors mixed with different patterns are making a statement this spring and summer. If you are to just look at a flier for any store in general you can see that these are standing out from all the rest. Under Armour, Nike, and North Face are the top sellers in this department, but a newer brand Lulumon is making a statement as well. Many smaller stores are also making this transition to carry such a high demand item; those store include American Eagle, Gap, and Aeropostal. Compression leggings and shorts, I would say, are the most comfortable and some of the top prints in them are Aztec/Tribal and Floral. These work great not only for the style but they help to wick away moisture when you are working out to help keep you cool.

Trendy Spring Pants


I am starting to think outside the box, meaning going out of my comfort zone to try something new this spring. There are a lot of great trends we have already talked about like maxi skirts and printed leggings, which I am completely obsessed with, but what about something completely different? Gauze pants are making their comeback as well as tapered pants. This is one trend I wasn’t sure I could jump on the band wagon with yet, but that was only because I had no clue how to wear this trend. You have to look at these items as a whole, best to get the whole outfit at one time. If you are anything like me, I always just get the one item such as the pants then never ware them because I don’t have anything at home to match them with. Here are some great starter ideas to get you into these awesome new styles!

Gauze Pants- One thing I have found with these is that they are amazing for beach ware! This flowey style pant works great as a beach cover up or just ware when you want to be comfortable. These pants also look great with a tucked in top and a denim coat over the top. Don’t be afraid to add any type of accessories to this look. Long necklaces and eternity scarves look great with this trend!

Fold Down Combat Boots


I know we are all crazy about this boot trend, but have you seen the newest and latest style of boots? Fold down combat boots have become a new popular trend this spring. Some of them are printed on the inside which shows when you fold it down. I have found that it is kind of tricky trying to find a great outfit to match these super cute boots. Here are some great fashion tips on how to make a stylish outfit without having to worry about how to match the prints in the boots!

Leggings- This is a big one. They look great with just about any style! If you are going to go with a printed type of fold down combat boot I would go for a plain legging with a sheer or oversized top. The top can be printed also; don’t worry about having to match the boot print with the top print mixing and matching different prints is really in right now. My new favorite type of legging is the printed ones. Tribal is the common theme found in these prints which look amazing with combat boots! If you are picking out printed leggings I would defiantly go with a solid oversized top. You don’t want to be too print crazy, but don’t be afraid to throw in a printed scarf to go with those leggings!

Maxi Skirts


Are you thinking spring? This warmer weather sure has me ready for some of the new trends this season. One of the hottest new things I am in love with is maxi skirts! Maxis are super cute and trendy but my only issue with them is what in the world do you wear on the top? What kind of shirt do you ware with this skirt? Do you mix prints, tuck it in, or find something that flows (kind of like an oversized top)? The answer is all of them. You really can’t go wrong with this style! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying out this trendy item.

Oversized Tops- Sheer tops work really well with maxi skirts. A sheer top will also look super trendy if you tuck it in; or better yet use the half tuck trend! You could also do an oversized sweater, I just wouldn’t choose a long oversized sweater or you will take away from the effect and flow of the skirt.

Plain Tops- If you are just getting into this trend and you aren’t sure what to match it with this is something super simple and won’t make your style too loud or over the top. Plain tank tops or tee shirts work really well if you are going for a highly printed maxi. When wearing this on a cooler day don’t be afraid to wear your maxi skirt with a plain top and a leather coat or denim jacket, which is great this spring since the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do.

Spring Patterns

If you are looking to think outside the box with your wardrobe this is definitely a style for you! There are many different prints that are in this spring season. Some of them are floral, stripes, lace, and Aztec/tribal. Are you in love with one of these patterned items but don’t know what to pair it with? You don’t always have to pair your pattern with a solid, that’s the easy way to go, you can also pair it with an opposing print! Here are some different ideas on what to pair your favorite new print with.

Floral- Of course this looks great with just about anything. Solids will always work if you are looking to have your floral stand out. If you are looking to mix it up a bit you can also pair your floral with stripes. I know it sounds odd, but trust me once you have it on you will look great! It’s definitely a trend setter style.

Stripes- As previously mentioned this works really well with floral prints. This also works really well if you are to compliment it with apposing stripes, such as stripes that change directions and colors. Feel free to try new things with this trend as solids are less in play this season.

DIY Accessory Storage


So we have talked about how to organize your closet, but what about all of you accessories? Do you have you accessories scattered all over your home and can never find it when you want to wear it? I know I have a large jewelry box, but that still doesn’t do the trick. I leave my accessories everywhere and most of the time things end up getting lost. Time to think outside the box again and get creative. Here are some ways to store you accessories that will be a great way to stay organized!

Hair Ties/Bobby Pins- I can’t seem to keep my in the same place, thus I have to purchase new ones once a month! These awesome ideas will defiantly help with that problem.

* If you are looking for easy storage for your hair ties, this will be a great solution for you! All you have to do it purchase a carabineer and put all of your hair ties through it! It’s that easy!  

*A simple towel rack and mason jars will jazz up your storage or accessories. All you have to do is hang a towel rack and then hang mason jars from it! It looks super cute and works really well for bobby pins, barrettes, and any other small items you seem to lose.

What's Your Body Type?


How do you feel about going jean shopping? Do you hate it as much as I do? Jean shopping for us women is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I know when I go out to find new jeans that it is a mission that will most likely take me all day. Usually we wait until the last minute, when our jeans couldn’t possibly last another season, before we will go out and look for new ones. I believe that I have found a tool to help us all out when shopping for those dreadful jeans. If you know what type of figure your body is and what you should be on the lookout for could help you drastically cut you shopping time down. Let’s break this down into four body types and what cuts of jeans you should be trying on.

Hourglass Figure- Curvy jeans are going to be your friend here. You are looking for something that is going to hug your curves not contort them so you don’t want a super tight fitting jean. You should be looking for something that is more fitted in the hips with straight legs. This will help to slim and elongate your figure. Jeans with a little stretch will only add to your comfort level.

Olympic Apparel

The winter Olympics are upon us with opening ceremonies in Sochi Friday. Have you been looking forward to the Winter Olympics? I sure have. Have you seen the new apparel our USA team will be wearing this year? Ralph Lauren was asked to be the designer for the second straight Winter Olympics. After much controversy, with the last Olympics in Vancouver having the clothing made in China, Ralph Lauren has put together a completely American made product. Let’s take a look and break down this opening ceremonies look our USA team will be wearing this year.  

  1. A knit patchwork handcrafted cardigan embellished with stars.
  2. The cardigan is paired with a cream cotton turtle neck.
  3. Slim-fitting white fleece athletic pants with the “Team USA” label.
  4. Black leather boots with red laces.
  5. A cotton accented belt with American graphics
  6. A raindeer hat

So what do you think about the look? I think Ralph Lauren did a great job making this look comfortable. This defiantly represents the USA colors and has a great spin incorporating the American Flag with the patchwork on the cardigan. This look Ralph Lauren put together is a heart stopping $1,573.00! To find some affordable USA inspired apparel stop into your local Cherry Pickers and support our team! I can’t wait to tune in tomorrow to watch the opening ceremonies!


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